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Shaving Seat "Part 2"

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Well guys I said the heck with and went out tonight after work and shaved the seat. I thought whats the worst the could happen. "A SORE ASS" Well it worked. Its actually not the uncomfortable either.
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Good for you. If you can live with it, then it's worth it. But how much lowering did you actually gain?

it just feels good to make progress.
I would say atleast a good inch if not an 1 1/2. I feel so much more comfortable. Now I just have get it all glued back together. The seats cool to. I dont slide back and forth. It like a dip in the seat that I sit in.

glad to hear this mod is making feel you more confedent about the bike... so, i guess you'll get your friend to help reapolster the seat...

so, i'm assuming you not going to get the lowing kit now. yes?
Well I went riding yesterday. Not very long though. Just enough to know that I got my confidence back.
Post a pic.
I have to get my camera working first the I will. I took some pics the other day but cant get them on the computer.
I would say atleast a good inch if not an 1 1/2.
There is no way when you compress the seat it is 1 inch thick under you butt unless you weigh 98 lbs.

How thick is the padding? Now put even 160 lbs on top of it, how thick could it be?

I bet it is less then 1 inch thick compressed. Remove half the padding and you may get 1/2 inch.
I only way 120lbs. I think that I would know how much it lowered it by the hight differnce between my feet and the ground. I was barley tip toeing the bike around and now I am flat footed.
the most important thing is that you have gotten ur confidence back... glad you are starting to enjoy the bike... and again, take the MSF class and be careful out there...
I was barley tip toeing the bike around and now I am flat footed.
OK, if you think so. Everyone else, your results may vary. :roll:
i shaved the seat down as low to the plastic on my race bike (i have the foam seat and the sharkskinz race bodywork)... and it made me feel SO MUCH more comfortable when riding on the track. i feel like i am more "IN" the bike that ON it... which gives me more control (at least more confidence).

to each their own.

later... nick - mri
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