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She ain't clean no mo!

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I was traveling in the right lane when a guy in the center lane tried to get my attention....because a pack of smokes flew out of my backpack.....I look over and give him a thumbs up then....I look forward and traffic is at a dead stop about 10-15 feet away and I'm doing like 25-30 mph. So I grabed a handful of front brake ...... it came up fast as hell , and before i knew it the damn bike was on top of my ass grinding me into the pavement! At least I didnt cream the truck in front of I was wearing my jacket and helmet so no real serious injuries, however, my bike got it pretty good considering I broke it's fall! My cowl is screwwd and the tailpiece too! As far as cosmetics go that's pretty much it. However the right brake lever and fluid resevoir are twisted down! And its kind of out of allignment, I hope I didn't hurt her too bad, hel I rode it home fine!lmfao
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Damn man. Hundreds of dollars of damage to the bike over a stupid 4 dollar pack of smokes.
yeah an EMPTY pack of smokes at that! haha
My signature says it all ( COVER YOUR BRAKES )

Sorry about your crash & glad u are fairly ok serious lesson learned

Man that sucks. Glad to hear you are ok.
Glad to hear you are okay. A good idea would be to quit smoking. And be careful with how long you allow someone in a car to hold your attention while riding. I don't give anyone longer than a quick glance. I don't care what the heck they are trying to say, the task at hand is more important...a CBR is a wild stallion that needs your full attention while riding. LOL Riding in traffic is dangerous enough, you don't need to consentrate on some idiot in a car.
Sucks man glad you are ok
ya i alwys keep my brakes covered. i make sure to practice STILL my emergency braking when i go to this industrial area ive made my practice lot. left hand is the only thing i move and its often to do the whole arm on leg thing. glad to hear your ok man.
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