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If you gearshift linkage rod pushes in about half or inch or so then you have either broke it by hammer on it or in some case maybe drop your bike..

if so, do not start the bike and do not ride it. internal damage may occur
follow the steps using the video guide
make sure you pullback out the gear rod to its normal position,and keep it in neutral

once you remove the outer clutch, you will come to this and will see that your setting plate is broken.

replace with new one

now all fixed...right?

will where did the broken piece go?
most likely it on the bottom of your drain pan. ahahaha. i found out that i didnt have to drain my oil. rather get your magnet pen and go fishing!!

i stuck my magnet pin to the bottom of the oil pan, move it around and was lucky enough to catch the culprit. Make sure you find it and remove it form our engine...

now your almost done, just do everything in reverse.

now would be a good time to do some inspect while your at it beofre closing her back .check your discs, springs and such..

springs- 45.2mm

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my clutch had some straches , hopefully that aint bad...?

Measure clutch discs....2.6mm

and again just do some visual inspection.

once everything is all good. install everything back.

clean out the old residue gasket and apply thin layer of the black RTV

---clutch lock nut is torque at 94 lbf-ft .stake it too.
---9lbb for the 14 outer casing screws

..and that is pretty much it. let it cure for about 24 hours and then start her up and check for any leak.

anything questions or comments. post EM' !

-\disclaimer: used as guide only and as always follow owner's manual. not responsible for any damage. :)
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