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Shifter Spring?

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Hey guys just got my bike back together and everything is working fine but my shifter doesn't spring back down...

I can shift to first when i take off no problem... shift up to second no problem... but after that i have to push down on the shifter a bit with my boot then i can shift into 3, 4 , 5 ...

there's no grinding or anything ... everything is smooth just seems as though there's no springing action to bring the shifter back into normal position...

Does anyone have a clear picture of their inside right cranck case cover with the cltuch basket out?? i want to see what that sping is supposed to look like on the shifter. the PDF document doesnt show it.
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Go to the factory pro website and click on "Shift Stars" in the left column of the page. There is a nice clear picture of a shift star, detent arm & spring on that page.

It's kinda hard to tell but from that pic also but one end of the spring wraps around the detent arm and keeps tension on the arm to the star. If it's bent or broken, you should be able to tell pretty easily once you get in there.

Also check the gearshift spindle & return spring, (most likely the culprit), I don't have a pic of that for you but the spring looks similar to the other.
Hmm thanks for the links/pictures.. nice and clear... just trying to figure out what it could be? I figure it's that #11 spring in that picture

but from those pictures i cannot tell where the spring sits on the shaft...
at the end of the shifter rod there was a spring that was on the left side (when looking at the engine i had to replace the gearshift retainer) I believe the spring (#11 from ayers picture) it's supposed to stradle the bent " T " looking part of gearshift spindle?

am I right?
Yeah, the spindle goes through the center loop of the spring, and the spring hooks onto the plate on the end.

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hrmmm ok thats what i did ... so there must be something else not working properly then...

any other ideas?

i'm going to leave my bike the way it is till winter since i dont want to loose anymore ride time... i just have to push down the shifter before i want to shift up thats all
Shifter pivot bolt, or ball joints rusted, dirty, or need grease? Shiftrod rubbing on any hoses, etc.?

I'm running out of ideas.
Nothing rubbing, no rust or dirt... shifts smooth so no need for grease...

that's the spring that normaly returns the shifter to normal position right??

maybe somehow the spring broke??
Yep, that's the spring. I've been referencing the service manual trying to give you a hand, and in the troubleshooting section all it says about the shift pedal not returning is:

1. Weak or broken gearshift spindle return spring.
2. Bent gearshift spindle.
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