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It was nice enough for a short ride the otherday, so the roomate and I hit the roads. The main roads were fine although it took forever for my rubber to warmup. But the back roads were covered with snow and a ice patches.

Anyway, we took a quick video of each of our bikes. I just thought I would share.

This is my roomates first bike. Its a 92 Nighthawk 750. We found it on ebay for $800 (close to it). It was supposedly running before we showed up to get it. But it wasnt. And it had been down at least once judging from the dent in the tank and jacked up gauge cluster. After a some bondo and new paintjob, teardown and rebuild of carbs, new reartire, seat cover, new speedo housing, and a new Vance & Hinse Fullsystem. I think he has $500 into it. It was a good time working on the Nighthawk, since neither of us didnt know what we were doing.

But he is ready for an upgrade. He is looking into a 06 Buell Lightning XB12 or something like that.

Let me know what you think.

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