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OK, I've been debating with myself for a few months now.
I just paid off my truck and decided to get a second vehicle so I can
haul more than 2 people at a time. Everything I wanted was $20k+
OUCH! I was going to put some as the down, and use the rest of
my stash for trackdays and race school this summer. Well, last
week, when I was in between sleep and know that
hallucenation space? I was there, and it dawned on me...BUY YOUR
FIREBIRD. I found it, it's a 1967 Firebird, restored 3 years ago.
So, I'm skipping racing this year so I can get it. I also figured I'd
better get my toys now and pay them off before I get a wife that
says that they are not affordable. If they are paid for... :finga: ...
right here.

I'm's like Christmas when I was a kid, like the day I
picked up my RR last year. WHOO HOO! :partyman:

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