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So is a full set of sliders worth it? Like are frame sliders really all i need or are swingarm sliders and bar sliders worth it and effective? Just thought i'd ask some peepz who knew
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Would'nt hurt to have em all, I would say yes to all. From past situations it really prevented alot of damage to the bike. Just don't buy the cheap stuff thats just for the bling factor, they'll cause more damage.
Now that I work in the industrie I tend to see and hear customer feedbacks on Sliders. From just looking at some stuff you can tell it's cheap, word of advice look at the "hardware" it comes with. Because if you think about it your replacing an "ENGINE" bolt wth the supplied hardware. Harris-Vortex would be at the top of my list for protection, just my $.02.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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