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So is a full set of sliders worth it? Like are frame sliders really all i need or are swingarm sliders and bar sliders worth it and effective? Just thought i'd ask some peepz who knew
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if your dog or u can scratch um, plus price.. i believe i got vortex for mine which have been tested and they worked.. plus vortex has it so u can buy only the replacement part u need, not the whole slider. get all the sliders u can.. its like gear, u wear gloves and a helmet with no jacket, expect for only your hands and head to be fine. same with the bike. it might not look like it hit something but things happen fast and u dont have speed channel there with the speed cam to tell u what went wrong. spend the dough now or get a new bike dew to somethin small..
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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