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Slippers CBR600RR

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Slippers CBR600RR (no 56k)


7/15/07 - She'll be missed.


I finally had a chance to post some pics.


Completely stock



OPP Racing Carbon Fiber Mirrors (not shown),
Watsen design front turn signals,
Clear Alternatives intergrated taillight,
DIY fender eliminator
Lockhart Phillips swing arm sliders

I'll be periodically keeping this updated as i add more mods or take more pictures.
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NIce bike,sweet bull dozer.

Now just get rid of the front reflectors.
Nice is simply amazing how good the RR looks, even in stock form.
looking good.
Syn6RR said:
I miss hawaii :( . Is that Moanalua Valley?
No i actually live in Hawaii Kai and the pics were taken up the road in Kalama Valley.
yum stock...get ur mirrors back on or some crg mirrors.
i have OPP Racing CF mirrors. I took them off cause the mounting bracket on them suck. ill try to get some pics of those soon.
Looks good............
vizsladog said:
NIce bike,sweet bull dozer.

Now just get rid of the front reflectors.
Thats NO dozer thats a loader come on get you equipment straight
never seen/heard of no cut sliders? who? where? how much?!?
For those who replied, thanks for the nice comments.

Rocketflyboy, try searching for no cut sliders. Most people do not recommend them. But i refuse to cut my fairings. Please, i prefer not to create a debate about these here.

And hows about a few more pics? Im selling a set of pretty much new OPP Racing Carbon Fiber Mirrors. The link is here. Mirrors are SOLD

Click the link above for more details.

Thanks for looking!
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heyb slipper where in hawaii do you? let me know mybe we can hook up and ride together
very clean bike bro.

And for the frame sliders i don't think it is so much flaming as people stating the fact that the design doesn't seem like it will hold up if you go down.

Beautiful. Maybe take off the warning stickers on the swingarm and let it shine.
nice! Honda boy! I see a CRX, Accord, Prelude.. Wheres the civic? lol Bike looks good dude!
^^^ lol the civic isnt in the picture. i had it at the time i took the pics but i recently sold it. 2000 Civic EX w/ B18C1 bottom end, B16A3 top end, Integra Type R rods, Integra Type R Pistons (forged duplicates), Integra Type R cams, etc.
Why is there a California Certified Recycling Center in Hawaii? Damn islanders taking all the main land s**t. LOL
YeAh..808 represent! Sick bike man! I always wondered how much they go for back home..I know what they go for at my dealership..If you don't mind, pm me what you got it for..If not that's coo mang..
man i miss the beautiful 808, my roots.

anyways...good lookin bike hawaii kai boy!
jus need to take those chicken katsu strips out. ;D
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