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Hello guys,

Last year my bike went down and it broke the left side engine cover(stator). Come to find out it also did some damage to the lower crankcase cover, witch put a small crack to it. I had my dealer fix it with yamabond. Now a year later it started to leak some oil through it. I took the stator cover out and found out they also did some soldering to it, but not a very good job. So now that I'm replacing the OEM stator cover to the woodcraft one I figure I can do the job right, but I don't want to spend all the money with a new crankcase cover. So I wanted to try to redo the job but I need to take a wheel(not the brain looking thing, this is actually attached to the crankshaft) of that is inside the stator so I can work on it better. Here is a few pics so you guys get a better idea of what I'm talking about..

This is the wheel I need of but I can't really get it loose cause it rotates on me and I don't want to put something between the holes in it cause I'm afraid it's going to damage something... maybe someone here has some experience with this..


Now here circled in red is where the crack and welded piece is...


Thanks in advance!
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