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So I took the project bike for a ride.

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So I rode my 600rr4 to work today and was worried as my Speedo/cluster still lights up but doesn’t cycle (multimeter coming today) and it almost feels like there is a misfire? I did notice some oil coming out of the exhaust… the bike was previously laid down at 40 into a guardrail. Rebuilt the front end and everything myself so I am mechanically inclined, I’m just stumped. Gonna rip it down to the throttle bodies again when I get up and quadruple check everything is connected but I’m 99.9% sure everything is. I always do everything with a service manual in front of me following each step.

I guess my overall question is if I just did plugs, coils, rad, injectors, front forks and rim, air filter, and some other little things I’m forgetting. What would cause the misfire?

on a side note I keep hearing everyone has SUPER bad corrosion issues on the 03-06 models and my headlight switch has been acting up. I have another harness would it be worth just swapping it out?
I’ll post and update with my voltages on this thread for those interested

and as far as the oil I’ve also been reading on here a lot that these bikes do that after being laid down? Can anyone confirm this? I’ll do a top end if I gotta 🤷‍♂️😬
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Do compression test. Engine may have some internal issues.

Also easier to troubleshoot and fix individual switches and connectors. Unless you bought brand-new OEM factory harness from authorised Honda dealer, there little chance that it's any better than one on bike. Might even be worse and you'll have additional troubleshooting to do.
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you the man lol im gonna test those wires as soon as the rain lets up.

Gonna see if i can borrow a tester off someone and check compression. if not ill just order one, amazon should be illegal with how cheap tools are honestly. they may be cheap but if you take care of them they all last just the same
Check out AutoZone's free rental programme. Very handy for tools you don't use often enough to justify purchasing.
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PCIII seems hit-n-miss. Some work great for years without problems. Others have memory-corruption issues where your maps ends up with incorrect values over time and have to reload from backup.
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Are you talking about individual terminals in dash connector? Or is connector itself not staying in place? Appears it's an AMP connector.

You can try to match up terminals and see if they're anything like ones found here:
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