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Solution to the "your headlight is out" problem. v3.0 (3rd LED bulb attempt)

The LED bulbs will illuminate the inside your "high beam reflector" while your high beam headlight is off.

The LED's are running off the "center up lamp" power, so every time you turn the bike "on" the LED's will light up.

There are no negative effects while running the LED's and the H7 high beam at the same time. When your high beam is turned "off" the LED lights remain "on" keeping your high beam reflector lit up to make it look like both headlights are on.

Pictures to follow.

Here is the 12 LED im going to try out next. E-bay item #200025701560

60-58 194 Plastic Wedge Pigtail Socket Receptacles

Buy here:

1. Remove the upper cowl.

2. Connect the "60-58 - 194 wedge socket" to the "Center up lamp" wire harness shown as #7. Route the wires between the faring stay and the upper cowl on the high beam side.

3. Peel back the "high beam dust cover" shown as #5.

4. Insert the 194 LED bulb into the 194 wedge socket.

5. Place the LED bulb into the high beam headlight reflector Put it in the open space next to the H7 bulb.

6. Put the 194 wedge socket behind the LED bulb.

7. Re-install the #5 headlight dust cover. The wires from the LED bulb socket should be pinched behind the dust cover.

8. Re-install the upper cowl and your ready to go!


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I have it all installed on my bike. I needed a bigger bulb and the 36 LED bulb came in today. I will install it and take pictures tonight.

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The LED bulbs ended up being bigger than I thought they would be, but it still worked out great! The picture is shown with low beam HID and the 36 LED bulb mentioned above. The picture is also taken in daylight. More pics later.

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Sounds like a good idea, but can you still use your highbeam?

edit: I just re-read it and you do retain high beam function... but instead of getting rid of the 3rd eye, why not just use a t-tap to tap into its power source? so you can have both lights on plus the 3rd eye?

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Sorry guys. I posted up a pic with the 3rd eye bulb removed. The 3rd eye works just fine. I just got done with dinner and I'm now trying to make the 36 led's fit in the reflector housing. I also just got back from Maui yesterday and I have a moto GP race to watch. I'll try and post up more pics soon (while watching the race.;).

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Tie into the 3rd light (no picture of that) and re-install the upper faring and it looks like this (pic of the 36 LED bulb. I recommend to use the 6 LED blub.)

Put the bulb in the reflector housing like this (the 36 LED fits as shown, but does not fit all the way into the reflector without some trimming):

Put the dust cover back on:


With 36 LED put in sideways (the 6 LED bulb will have a similar effect):

With HIGH beam HID (7000k):


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The center lamp is a "superwhite" 194 Matrix Bulb.


I've changed my mind about the look of the 36 LED bulb inside the reflector housing. After trimming the reflector to fit the 36 LED bulb I figured it was not worth the effort. I'll probably end up with a new reflector housing and the 6 LED bulb.
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