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some new pics

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i added a dark smoke windscreen & rear seat cowl next thing is some flush mt's blinkers

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its official i wish i would have gotten the orange i love you bike mang how do you like the two bros
i like it sounds great
hows that vortex stand treatin ya? oh yeah i love when people take pics of they bike like that. i think it shows they sexy side. i just could stand that orange for a long period of time but u know u can sue if some1 hits ya and say i didnt see him! lol! they said that to me in the er.. i sued anyways.
Nice clean looking bike. I have the same vortex stand for the rear - love it. My 2Bros sounds sweet as well.
Bike looks awesome and the Orange background adds
more character to the pictures
Good lookin bike man, you got that thing clean!
nice bike, and like moeman said the background just adds beuty to it!
what kind is that dark smoke windscreen how much was it its sick!!!!!!!!!!
Looks good!

I like the 2bros....I might get that for my bike.
Man that orange is sexy!! Bike looks real clean man. To bad they didn't keep it for the 07's...
instead of the flush mount blinkers i think u should add sliders next.
haha ur bike looks just like mine! lol orange 4ever...i got a akrapovic cf pipe now though
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thanks guys i like the vortex stand and ita a zero gravity wind screen yea i got the frame sliders on my list also
tonythetigerr your bike looks sweet
looks sweet.
looks good bro
Looks good and + 1 on the sliders next.

What's on the ground that is makeing the tire white?
alaska cajun said:
Looks good and + 1 on the sliders next.

What's on the ground that is makeing the tire white?

i think it was chalk
thanks guys
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