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South Florida...

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ne group rides goin on this weekend?....or 2nite? get at me..
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im down to ride anytime, i have a roommate who rides too, looking for a group to start riding with
The Flamingo said:
im down to ride anytime, i have a roommate who rides too, looking for a group to start riding with
Same here! I live around west broward. Lets get something going. :blob7:
Yes I ride with a group Florida Burners a good group of guys we ride all through out the week and on the weekends, tues is hardrock, wed is hooters, thursday is fudruckers, fri or sat is river front or south beach and sunday day is random. You dont have to be in the group either quite a few other riders come along for the rides also, and if you are intrested in joining our club just let me know. We are also planing for Daytona Biketoberfest 19, 20, 21, 22 if anyone is intrested let me know.
Hey I hadnt been online in a while but Its good to see some riders postin here. Dudley I'd like to get to a few of those rides/nights with you guys. Check your pm's. Bro6rr lets get something going to...maybe a ride with dudley's group?
we are riding to bone fish in west palm tonight i will not be thier but will be with the guys for tomorrow at hooters on pines let me know if anyone is intrested
If I can get off work early tomorrow, I'm down for Hooters! What time does it start?
we usually leave from the bp gas station on pines and palm around 7:30 i will pm or call you with the time as soon as it is text to me from the other guys look forward to having you ride with us see you then
How long is the bike night at Hooters? What time do they finally kick us out?
some people stay untill 11 or later we usually leave around 9 or so and go for a ride down to river front for a few
Perfect. I will be there. I'll be on a 06'600RR Black with red honda logo with a x-11 Vermeulen helmet black/red. Hope to see you there. Anyone else from going?
i cant go on wed's cause of work at 530am on thurs morns. Any other rides during the weekends?
I will let you know flamingo, met up with bro6 for hooters run this evening and was cool hes got real nice 06 rr and hes a cool guy, the guys will be riding fri or sat night and def sunday day pm me a number and i will let you know times and meeting place
Thanks M69Dudley, Yeah I went out to Hooters and it was a blast. Tons of nice bikes out there. I did meet up with Dudley and you want to talk about a sick bike. Crazy bright HID lights and can't forget the LEDS very very clean bike. Also he introduce me to the FLORIDA BURNERS, the M.C. hes with. Very very cool bunch of people. Everyone was extremely nice and the ride home with Dudley was a lot of fun too. Thanks again Dudley. I will see you again next Weds. or maybe this weekend.
i am up in the boynton beach - west palm area. there are a couple of us with 600rr's and we are always looking for some new people to ride with.

let me know pat we are going tues to hard rock and wed to hooters and thurs to fudruckers let me know if you guys can make it
I know where the Hard Rock is, but which Hooters do you go to, and which Fudruckers. I am thinking wednesday nigths are pretty good for me but thursday might work as well.

Hooters on Wed is Pines Blvd and Univeristy.

Fudds on Thursday is Kendall on like 104th...
hey Niner NO riding without me!!! we gotta finish my bike and i don't wanna ride bitch!!!!! :(
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