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South Florida...

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ne group rides goin on this weekend?....or 2nite? get at me..
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if you guys want we can all meet for the hooters or the fuds run I will be riding with a few others you are all welcome to meet and ride with us
Beck600rr said:
hey Niner NO riding without me!!! we gotta finish my bike and i don't wanna ride bitch!!!!! :(
of course not ;)

Any of you South Florida ppl going to Homestead Speedway on the 1st for the class.

My girl (Beck600rr) and I will be there.
Niner, if it isn't raining tonight I will try and make it down.
Cadd im not far from you, hit me up, the week night rides are hard for me so if you are out on the weekends hit me up with a pm.
Flamingo, I ride almost every night that it isn't raining. This weekend is tough, I have my son so I usually don't ride much when he is with me. On the weekend of the 18th, a couple of us are going to get together and ride to Sebring. There is a big development with the roads in place but no houses. As it gets closer I will let you know the details if you want to go with us.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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