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Special 3 day east coast track package

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TrackTactics is now offering a special 3 day package for our east coast events.
This is a 3 day package where you have the September 24th and 25th at Carolina Motorsport Park and November 7th at Barber Motorsports Park.

This offer is limited in time and the price will be increasing in 3 increments until it expires. The first one is $400 and will expire on August 7th at noon PST. The second one is $435 and will expire on August 26th at noon PST. The third one will be $450 and will expire on September 19th at noon PST. The regular price for this 3 events individually are $520.
This offer is only available for our members. If you don’t have membership, you can signup for free in our webshop.
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that is a great deal! thanks TT!
OF COURSE! this would come after Ive paid for CMP for 30-31 July!
^see you there bullast, what group you riding?
I signed up for intermediate (kamikaze) group. Ill prob go to novice the first few sessions to get the lines. One of the staff members/ racers is going to follow/ lead me around. There's no trophy. I'm looking to learn quite a bit this outing.
i'm in the same boat bro, just wanna learn everything i can. not looking for any trophies either. well, taking my bike home unharmed would be a nice trophy after my last weekend on the track. haha, see you there!
I dont see any Northeast dates :sad:

NJMP would be nice.:poke:
quick question for those of you who've been to barber. Do they allow over night camping for trackdayers?
Barber dont allow it but Tracktactics will. It is included in your trackday fee that you are going to pay.
west coast, west coast, we need the deals on the west coast!!! hahaha
west coast, west coast, we need the deals on the west coast!!! hahaha
west coast already has the best deals IMO :crackup:
2 more days and the 1st wave is over. grab your chance to get 3 days for $400 while you can
Tomorrow at noon PST the 1st wave with the $400 is over! Did you seal the deal yet? I know a few of you did but did you?
Next deadline is getting closer so dont forget to purchase before it
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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