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I actually watched through the whole show... It was about road racing and privateers --- Scott Jensen and WSMC racer Brant Wiwi!!!! NOW thats the kinda show i'm talking about... especially our very own socal track WSIR!!! :)
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I second that ......Good show this time!
Unique RR said:
I second that ......Good show this time!
I was watching it today, and I actually thought "the forum is gonna like the show today."
I thought the same thing! It wasn't all hood rats stunting.

And some of it was at Willow! I live near there, and I was just there this weekend!
when you see the segment on the motorcycle couriers, check Rob out. Friend of a friend (both couriers). I've ridden with both and Rob can hustle his bmw around like crazy. he comes out to the canyons and stomps most streetbikes (ex-racer).

Should be an interesting slice of L.A. life...
i love this show. i'll watch anything about motorcycles... anything.
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