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I've done up a 2008 calendar of the MotoGP riders like I did for 2007. For those that would like one go to the HooliganBikeTech Store to place your order. These turned out really nice and I'm quite proud to have them hanging on some of you guys' walls.

I only make a few bucks on these as I can't afford to print 1000s and hope they sell, so thanks in advance to those that order. The proceeds go back into the HooliganBikeTech site.

For those interested the photography was shot with a Canon 10D and Canon 100-400L lens with image stabilization.

Here's a preview of the photography. A full showing can be seen at my site linked in the banner below or by clicking the image. I got a kick out of Melandri waving at me when he saw me taking his picture during some test starts.

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