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spilt gas

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Well ive owend my 06 600rr for about 2 months and took my first fall last night, wen i picked the bike up i noticed there was some gas on the ground, not a lot but still some non the less, my question is,, is it normal for that to happen if you fall is it like a saftey it dumps out the gas thats in the lines so it kills the engine?

sorry if this thread doesnt belong in this section
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your tank has a dual wall. when it falls over on the side, especially the left, it dumps gas from the inner wall to the outer wall, then spills out the dump tube on the ground.

it's normal. if you look in our last vid i posted, you can see me doing this on purpose to spill gas on the ground. so we could get footage of pete scraping through it to set it on fire.
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