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So, if you've been keeping up with my posts, I've been trying to source the new Bridgestone BT-002ST (Racing Street) tires. It's very hard to find it on websites because it's brand new and most vendors don't update their site to reflect the new merchandise. Well, I was asking around and a member dropped the shop: Sport Tour, Ltd.

I spoke to Andy there and he said they had them and could get them to me by my track date, May 5th, with no problem. So, I said, "Cool, put me in for a set." This was yesterday. I got them today, regular shipping!

I came home from work and they were sitting on my doorstep. Rock on! Super nice guy, helped me all the way, got me a righteous deal and SUPER lightening fast shipping (Note: He had it shipped from PA to MD, but still...)

Just thought I'd give them some good press!
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