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sportbike spot in GA?

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anyone know where bikers meet in ga? i keep hearing about group riders and stuff... anyone around columbus, or phenix city?
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I'm about an hour north of you in Carrollton, never had to the chance to ride with anyone from this site yet. I hope to make up for it next riding season.
Cool just let me know,...i havent meet any other riders around here.... we just wave at each other as we drive by...
Get on North 400 on any weekend. Just follow GA 400. Several thousand bikes up there!
You're too far south fvor me to suggest anything. Up here, we run up on "Blood Mountain". There is a trianglwe of roads... something like a few hundred curves over 21 miles. 500 curves maybe? Its some tight riding. The nice thing is when you go to the "real" rider spots, everyone is wearing full gear and there are no squids.
i heard there is a place in ALT where alot of bikers meet up every sunday? heard of it?
Vortex in lil 5 points on Thursday
i've got a group of guys together in the newnan area. check out
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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