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this is a long time friend, please keep an eye out for this bike.

RedlineJimmy said:
I would greatly appreciate it if everybody would take a look out for my 04' lime green 636. Some how they got into my garage and stole the damn thing. NOTHING else was even touched. For those that came over sat saw I have lots of motorcycle related stuff sitting in there too.

I guess I will be returning your tires and warmers Shorty :( . I am so F'ing pissed right now it is not even funny. My lazy ass never got insurance on it because I was lucky if I rode it twice a month and I felt safe with it being in the garage.

I will give a large REWARD to anybody that helps me locate the bike and even a larger reward if they introduce me to the person(s) who did it

Gotta run police are here...

RedlineJimmy said:
VIN #: JKBZXJB134A028234

Well the bike definitely stands out & the funny thing all the stock parts were sitting in my garage too. If they were perfessional's they would have grabed those parts as well to make it look completely stock. Keep an eye out on Ebay as well. I know this may sound a bit overboard, but I honestly feel like someone just took a family member from me!!!

Here are a few pics:

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RMH77 said:
Great now im paranoid! i just put the kryptonite lock on my bike in the garage! Probably an inside job like someone he knew.
That's what I was thinking. How else would they know there was a bike in there and why didn't they take anything else? I keep mine in the garage with the alarm on 24/7/365! My bedroom is next door to the garage so I will know if someone tries to take it.
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