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Stolen Bike!!

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Today has not been a good day... I live in Arvada and found this morning that my 2003 Yellow Honda CBR 600RR has been stolen. It has a yellow Targa rear seat cowl, some paint inconsistancies on the fairings on both sides from the previous owner. Unfortunately I don't have a garage and it was sitting in the parking lot. If anyone can find out any info on this let me know ASAP. I'm in a bad spot right now. Thanks.
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Man...pretty soon nobody on this forum is going to have a bike to ride anymore! Seems like everyone is getting their bike jacked. Sorry to hear that bro, hope they catch them and everything works out for ya
good luck
that suck hope u find it u call the popo
Can never be so trusting to keep it in a parking lot, even with a lock and alarm.... its a sad sad world :(
Dammnnnn I never park my bike! Only in the rich areas like cherry creek and flatirons! ..... i'll help you kick some ass if you find out who did it!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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