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stunting parts

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ok i want to get into stunting my rr a little more serious im pretty good with the bike so far w/ stand ups, sit downs, tank wheelies and tank stands. I want to sprocket and cage my bike its an 05 completley stock can i get some suggestions on sprocket sizes and cages.
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it's all a matter of opinion. just figure out what kind of riding you want to do, and tool through the stunt section here and read a lil bit bout what we run.
i have been reading a lot i like stand ups on my bike now i would just like to do them at a lower speed and maybe get into parking lot stunts next im thinking 1 down 3 up to start w/ cage i have no idea someone said they had the powers and still bent thier frame
i have an 06, i have FI cage on it and dropped it a few times and hasnt done anything. Good so far.

As far as gearing. I went to -1/+2 for 3 days and took it off and put a +10 on the back. Thats what I am rockin now. Only down fall is drops top speed a good amount. So if the high rpm's on the highway is gonna bother you I wouldnt go that far. I can deal with it so it doesnt bother me. I ride mine back and fourth to work everyday with it.
hey can you send pics of FI cage on your bike?? and if i have holes for frame sliders any other modifacations needed to my bike
my boy has a 62 tooth rear sprocket, 520 chain and -1 front sprocket all practically brand new, less than 2 months old he's tryin to sell for 150

all the **** is top of the line

pm me
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