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OK here's a rant...

I went out to start the cage the other day and it made a funny
noise. It started...but it just didn't sound right. I shrugged it
off and continued on. I went to the local shopping area, new
trendy place with lots off hotties walking around. I hop back in
my truck, turn the key.....ZZZIIINNNNGGGG! The starter just spins.
After 10mins, lots of looks and giggling from the hotties, and
cussing out the mechanic who changed my starter 2 months ago, it
finally grabbed enough to start. With it running, I called the auto
shop that "fixed" the starter. Of course it was after 5pm and
everyone was gone. The lady on the phone just said sorry, there
was nothing she could do. Instead of flaming the poor receptionist,
she's not the mechanic, I just said "Thanks alot for the help."
loaded with sarcasim. On my way home I pick up a new starter
from the parts store...only $40. (The autoshop charged me $140
last time!) I get home, crawled under the trunk, and one of the
starter bolts is missing...MISSING!!! The other is loose. That 15lb
starter is practically dangling off the engine. No wonder the mother
wont start. I peeled off the starter and discovered my worsed
automotive nightmare...the effin bolt was busted off in the engine
block. I was cussing like no other. I bet that mechanic used an
air-wrench and torqued the hell out of those bolts.
I replaced the starter and the bolts. Took an extra 30mins to get
that busted bolt out of the block. It starts fine now. I even safety
wired the starter bolts together. :D
I need a voodoo curse put on the mechanic... :twisted:

Thanks for listening....(sigh)...much better.

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You should have just done it yourself in the first place since you knew how. I don't trust anybody with my stuff. The only way I take my car/bike to the shop is if it's under warranty.

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You ate the repair costs ???
I hope your just waiting to get off work to go ream em! I hate that half-assed repair BS. I've always had enough friends that knew what was goin on to get stuff repaired but when I moved states I started to realy find out I had to check into garages before I could bring my stuff there. Specialy if I realy liked my stuff. It's even more so the truth when it comes to bikes. I wouldn't bring a destroyed early 90's stunt bike to the bike shop here in town. :RPG:

Friend of mine had a thermostat replaced not that long ago. We hopped in his truck and it still over-heated like a mofo so the mechanic that we work with (shade-tree mechanic) said "**** that place, lemme look at it" they loaded the seal up with some kinda sealer goop which clogged waterflow mad style. Rowdy (our mechanice here) repaired it, wrote up a bill and took it to the auto-parts store n' chewed them apart for their crappy work. My friend got a full reinbursement. Rowdy didn't get paid for the work he did (which was the plan) but then again the cost of the thermostat they used was refunded ending up in a 100% free fix all around.
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