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Suomy or KBC

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I'm on a huge budget and I'm looking at the Suomy Ventura and the KBC Vr-1/2. I now have an AFX ($50). I've decided if I won't see big differene from my helmet now until i hit the $400 range I'm not upgrading. I want to know if the Vetura being only $200 has the comfort of the more expensive Suomys, Arais, Shoeis, etc. Or the does the vr-1?? I'm looking for comfort, lightweight, and something that won't jerk my head at higher speeds. Thanks for the help.

Edit: I just saw a Shoei TZ-1 helmet for like $240. That be worth it if those other ones arn't???, or a lot better than the other two I mentioned??? 240 is pushing it....
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Scorpion helmets are the best bang for the buck. Im on my 3rd one and my first one I went down in... No injury to the head... no cracking of the helmet or anything. Nothing on the helmet broke excpet for the shield which is acceptable.

BEST PART: there are two different versions, the exo 400 and exo 700... The exo 700 is only $200!!! They are as comfortable as Shoei or Arai's... A lot of my friends ride with them also and everyone loves them... not to mention you get a damned good helmet for under $200!
SCORPION HELMETS... Check them out, I promise you wont be disappointed!

$150 for a quality good looking, comfortable helmet! You cant beat it
McShagger said:
Yes you can... Scorpions suck. Im guessing you havent had too many helmets.
Actually I have... I have had a RF1000 and Corsair... I like the scorpion better than both of them... The scorpion is more comfortable than both to me
McShagger said:
I dont know if they suck or not. They are probably ery good. That said, they really do not deserve the praise that they get from so many people. Ive tried them on and road with them... I wouldnt waste my money on one.
Why would you not waste your money on one? You didnt really explain what you didnt like about it?
cizzle600rr said:
im sure scorpions will be in AMA and GP next year! theyre comin up! LOL!!! they are comfortable i've tried them on, but i dont think quality and safety compared to Suomy and Shoei match up...if your in the "cheap" price range, get a HJC...
I would go with a Scorpion over an HJC anyday... The HJC feels like a dirtbike helmet to me with no padding at all.

I wrecked in my scorpion and my roomate highsided at the track, both wearing scorpion exo 400 helmets and niether of us had a concussion(sp?) and neither of us had a helmet that was cracked... just a little rash on both. My head even hit the curb and the helmet still didnt crack.
juni5 said:
The reason I say its your head, is because everyones head is different. So what may work for one person may not work for another. Going by what others say is like shooting in the dark..Your safe with any of the big brands shoei, arai, suomy, etc..As in my own opinion I won't trust my head in a KBC, you might thought..So its all about YOU..As far as approvals go all these helmets have went through the correct testing process..Theoretically they should perform the same in a crash, but my mind doesn't believe that..Having a certain amount of mental security is priceless though..So whatever helmet does that for you then get it.. The main variable is comfort and fit..And that can only really be tested by you physically trying on the helmets..If you really do live in the middle of nowhere and you want this thread to help you I would start a poll..Whatever helmet gets the most votes...go and buy..
Good Points! Only thing I think you forgot to mention was that the fitting of a Shoei and the fitting of an Arai and completely DIFFERENT! An arai helmet is one of the most uncomfortable helmets for me... but a shoei is really comfortable.... I believe this is true b/c Arai's are more for a oval/longer shaped head and a Shoei is more for a round head.

That is just my opinion though... I know people who think Arai's are the most comfortable thing ever and the shoei's press on their forehead to much... and They are the ones with the oval shaped head...
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