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Suomy or KBC

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I'm on a huge budget and I'm looking at the Suomy Ventura and the KBC Vr-1/2. I now have an AFX ($50). I've decided if I won't see big differene from my helmet now until i hit the $400 range I'm not upgrading. I want to know if the Vetura being only $200 has the comfort of the more expensive Suomys, Arais, Shoeis, etc. Or the does the vr-1?? I'm looking for comfort, lightweight, and something that won't jerk my head at higher speeds. Thanks for the help.

Edit: I just saw a Shoei TZ-1 helmet for like $240. That be worth it if those other ones arn't???, or a lot better than the other two I mentioned??? 240 is pushing it....
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i have an arai you can buy, its silver, 275 shipped...lmk, i'll pm pics..
you wanna save your head right?! just incase....then buy a good quality one! i say Suomy, Shoei, Arai, HJC....that order and thats it...
im sure scorpions will be in AMA and GP next year! theyre comin up! LOL!!! they are comfortable i've tried them on, but i dont think quality and safety compared to Suomy and Shoei match up...if your in the "cheap" price range, get a HJC...
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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