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New Enough is closing out their HJC helmets for uber cheap, in case anyone is looking for a spare passenger helmet. The CL-14's are close to 50% off.

New Enough, as well as MRI, Flatout, and Indysuperbikes, have always been at the top of my vendors list. New Enough's customer service is super awesome. I've never had problems returning things to them, getting things repaired on warranty, or changing sizes with them.

The only thing is that their selection isn't all that great, and you won't find the higher priced high-end items there, but still a great place to shop if you are gearing up on a budget--you'll be better off contacting some of our vendors for better prices on normally priced items, but New Enough has some great deals on closeout sometimes.

P.S. I don't work for them, or otherwise gain in any way by writing this review. I just wanted to let you folks know about the great deal they have on those HJC CL-14's.
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