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Just wanted to post up a recent experience of ordering from Superbike Toy Store.

On 15th July 2010, I ordered a Dynojet Quickshifter for my 600RR. I was looking or a new part and, even taking into account international shipping/customs charges, Superbike Toy Store were the cheapest. In fact, they were even cheaper for a new quickshifter than a local firm was for a second hand part!

Later that very same day (15th July), I received an e-mail from Amber at Superbike Toy Store, to confirm my order and to obtain details of the setup I'm running on my bike (PC, PCIII or PCIII USB).

Amber also wanted to make sure I was aware that I need the Ignition Module for the quick shifter to work (As it happens, I had already ordered had this part elsewhere).

They were contacting me to ensure that they would be sending me exactly the correct part for the setup I was running. So many other traders would not bother to do this and would just ship whatever they thought might work; without specifically getting in touch to ask the customer for any further details they required. Not so with Superbike Toy Store. Their customer service has, so far, been second to none.

I received a message only four days later, to let me know that my quickshifter had been dispatched (16th July).

After customs at my end extorted some money out of me earlier this week, I scheduled a delivery from the local courier and received the quickshifter yesterday (2nd August).

In my experience, taking into account the involvement of local customs/charges etc, the turnaround on my order has been very impressive. To put this in context, I'm still waiting on parts that I had ordered on the same day, from another US seller (not a vendor here, as far as I am aware).

I've not had a chance to install the item and test it out yet, but my experience with Superbike Toy Store has been very positive and, as things stand, I would not hesitate to place another order with them for international shipping.

Thanks again Amber and everyone at Superbike Toy Store! :thumbup:
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