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So my 2006 600rr has been having some tach woes..ever since I got it running in the summer of 2013.. :retard:

The only thing wrong with it is the RPM gauge. Everything works except the actual needle on the gauge. This wouldn't be a problem except its my racebike and I'm not at the level of not needing to reference my rpms every once in a while.. I tend to short shift or bounce off the rev limiter. No in between :banger:

So I think the problem is the (get ready I'm about to slaughter this terminology) motor that basically makes the rpm needle do its job (solenoid??). My uncle and I tested everything, and considering the fact that everything else works thats all we can fathom.

Is this something that can be easily fixed? If so how on earth?
Should I just find another tach to hook up to my bike? :ponder:
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