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So longstory short, I purchased a bike before winter for a good price aware that the tachometer was not functioning. The season is on its way and im trying to get it working!

Everything works but the tach.
The tach DOES sweep on startup and stops functioning after
If my memory serves right i was getting around 0.5-0.7V from the wires
and the wires did have continuity.

what could it possibly be?

bike is a 05 600RR

i just opened up the cluster and everything looks fine

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So the tacho signal comes straight from the ECU, you won't really be able to measure it unless you have a CRO.

The power on self test on does the microcontroller in the dash to the dial, it doesn't test the input circuitry from the bike. Short story of this is, even though it sweeps it may not be working correctly.

See if you can find a mate with a known good dash and plug that in, that will tell you that it's either the dash, or it's the wiring/ecu. If the wiring has continuity from the ECU to the dash then it will likely be the ECU.
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