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Hi guys,

Wanted to share a small repair I had to complete recently in the hopes it may help someone else in the future.
I was struggling with the bike cutting out for a second or two randomly when riding. The instrument gauge would completely die then come back on and the tach needle would do a sweep as if the bike had just been turned on. After checking the usual suspects i.e. the battery terminals and ground points under the seat/behind the frame I eventually traced the problem to the wiring that comes out from under the left hand side of the tank cover and goes to underneath the ignition.

With the bike running, if I grabbed this tubing and manipulated it a certain way I could replicate the issue and the bike would cut out. Highlighted yellow

Stripping the front end down to get a good look at the wiring within the tubing I found that one of the wires heading towards the ignition splits into two. In my situation the join had worn out over time and was holding on by a few strands of copper. Here is a picture taken mid repair. I dont have a shot of the original Honda wiring connection but it is 99% the same as my repair shown here.
I did go on to heat shrink the connection to strengthen it and protect it from the elements.

Finally here is a shot of the underside of the ignition for reference. This is a 2006 Euro model hence the lack of the infamous zener diode.

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