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Taillight with built in signals

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Wondering if anyone has the taillight for there RR with the built in signals and what they think of it. Would love to see a pic of one and how it works as both. I have a 2004 I was thinking about getting one and was wondering what you guys think of them and if there is a certain brand i should get because dont want to pick up a cheap one. Thanks for all your help.
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Oh boy, there are plenty out there and all of them have their fans, but I'd personally go with either TST Industries or Tripage ITs. Both of them are vendors here with tons of threads on this forum with pics and reviews. Just do a search and you'll find them.
Tripage IT is one of the best available. Scroll down to the Preferred Merchants secton, and you will see the Tripage group and links to his website. There are also several threads specifically dedicated to pictures of the IT installed on bikes, just do a forum search.
He is asking for an 04. I thought the Tripage IT was 07+.
i had the smoked clear alternatives one for the 06 model on my 07, would that work on the 04?
If you have an older cbr get the motodynamic sequential light, $63 dollars shipped and bright as hell.
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