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Taking up some slack in leathers

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I have a question about loose leathers...

I got a 2-piece TZ-1 a while back and they fit okay. I probably could have gone a size smaller, but at the time they felt fine. Since I bought underarmour shirt and leggings to wear under the leathers, I feel that I have a lot more room than before.

Is there a way to take up some of the loosness with out getting them altered? Exchanging them for a smaller size is out of the question, since i've used the suit several times now... I was wondering if there was a controlled way to make the leather shrink a little bit? I have a back protector on the way so that should help fill out the top a little, but I'm wanting a more snug fix since the underarmour lets me slide around a lot more than just a t-shirt...
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Bohn makes the shorts that work great. They offer much more protection...
tiltedworld said:
LOL... yeah, i planned on bulking up some. :D

that's why it wasn't that big of a deal at the time, but with the super slickness of the underarmour, it feels like there was a lot more room that i had originally thought... i could just be because i'm not used to the suit with the underarmour on underneath... :roll:
BTW I agree with Civil... The bohn shorts have extra padding that could take up room. Or you could have hip pads sewn into the suit to do the same thing. The back protector will take care of the top no problem, My suit is tight with it in and a fitted if a bit loose with it out. I use the under armour too, the slippery feeling is great when you're shifting from side to side and sweating like a pig (otherwise your leg hair gets pulled...ouch)
cool, i'll try the bohn shorts... thanks guys... :bounce:
cool, i'll try the bohn shorts... thanks guys...
Sweet! they work great... kinda smell funny at first but it goes away...

should i go with the shorts or pants? i figured if i went with the pants i could wear them under jeans too... also, i imagine if i go with the bohn pants i'll need to take the padding out of the A* pants right?
the A* padding should be better IMO but to each his own. I use Fly total knee guards under jeans so the shorts work perfect.
i got the adventure pants on order, let you all know how they fly

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