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Hey guys,
This summer I started commuting to work on my bike, about 15 miles each way, combination of freeway/street. When I get home I sometimes have wierd scratches on my tank. They look like metal shavings/rubbings pressed into the clear coat and they can be wiped off with some windex or water. The clear coat is damaged though, I can already see it. I work in a machine shop and figured it might be aluminum shavings, so last week I changed lab coats, washed my pants (slacks, dockers dress pants), and still have the same problem. The pics below were from today, and I washed my bike sunday and it was fine. There was nothing on the ride to work today and I did not work with or anywhere near aluminum at all today.

Anyone else have wierd scratches here? or could think of any other reason than the likely metal shavings ?

Sorry the scratch didn't catch the focus of the camera too well.

I've been keeping it washed once a week and take care of these things whenever they happen immediately, but I'd rather not have it be due to work, I would hate to have to stop riding it to work.
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