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TankSlappers Tank protector...write up with pics!!

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Here is the short and sweet write-up so you can see what an easy and clean mod this is. I wish you could have seen how Nasty my Pro Grip had gotten.

Let me know what you think.
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Yeah its put on exactly like window tint but its a lot thicker. I won't be riding for a few days but I'll definitely update my results. Can't be any worse than my Pro Grip. I had the clear so you could really tell where the glue wasn't adhereing as well. Sand started to get under there and the Clear material was looking yellowish. I like this look b/c it looks original. PLus it won't damage your paint job with sticky glue. Better yet is the fact that this protects the sides where your leathers rub up against.
The sides was the easiest to install in my opinion. Took a total of 5 minutes to get it perfect. I used Honda's Spray Cleaner and Polish to remove the goo from the Pro Grip. Worked Beautifully. The middle, however, took about 10 min. b/c of the angles. You have to position it good and be patient. As you push out the water underneath it will start to tack on better. For stubborn parts I used my heat gun.(Didn't have to use it at all on the sides). I used 25% alcohol and 75% water mixture in a spray bottle. The kit fits perfectly but if you so desire It can be cut you know. :wink: I just peeled it off the paper and stuck it on. If it holds its looks, I will be more than extremely happy with this product.
Hollywood said:
I'm much happier now.... :roll:
Glad it worked this time. I went for a ride yesterday and still no noticeable defects at all. There are 2 very minor water bubbles that should dry out soon. Keep in mind its just like a window tint. My concern is if it will crumple up over time and body weight. I don't believe it will, but we'll see.
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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