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Teknic Violator 1 Piece

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Hey, I was thinking about getting the 2004 Teknic Voilator 1 Piece suit...White/Grey/Blk. I was wondering if anyone has owned a Teknic one peice suit and what there thoughts were on it. (Comfurtability and all that) How well did it hold up through the years and spills? Do you think it'd be a good track suit or should I be looking at something else? Thanks! :D

I tried posting a pic of it but it wouldn't work so here's a link to a pic of it and info on it:
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Yeah, that'd be sweet! If I'm not mistaken the 2003 violator looks way different from the 2004 model, but yeah if it is the same looking suit as the one in my link (2004) then PM me with a price when you get time. Thanks!
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