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Whats Up Fellaz. To All Who Helped Out I Appreciate It. The Thing Was I Was Trying To Run My Bike With No Guages And Not Headlight. Pump Wasnt Priming. The Correct Wires To Jump At The Blue/grey Connectors Are The Red With White Stripe/and The White With Black. Just To Let You Guyz Know The Green Stops At The Head Light Harness. I Did All That , Still No "pumpa''

I Failed To Realize That When I Disconnected The Dam Scrorpio Alarm, I Didnt Reconect Thos Two Wires In The Rear Of The Harness....ya I Know Im A Dumb Ass....i Did That And Wala..the Bike Started Up And I Started Doing

The 600rr Does Not Need Gauges To Start. But Does Need The Light Hooke Up. Atleast That Was The Deal With Mine. The Bank Angle Sensor Is Ealiy Bypassed By Connecting The Two Outside Wires Together And Leaving The White Alone. But Cut It And Tape It Off To The Side , And Your Golden...

Thanks Again To Everyone........peace.
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