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The Doctor vs. The Kentucky Kid!!!!

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The final stretch is upon us!!! Let's hear more of your predictions and comments! It seems like this section has been the HOT topic of this forum. So let's keep it going! It's gonna be CcCrRrAaAzZzyYy!!!

P.S. I predict Rossi's gonna win it all!!!!

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Here is a good analogy that my buddy emailed me last night

MullenHead said:
At the two remaining tracks (Estoril & Valencia), since 03 (Nicky's first year), he has finished (03) 9th, 16th, (04) DNS, Crash, (05) 7th & 2nd.

Rossi on the other hand won both races in 03 & 04 and was 2nd & 3rd last year.

If Rossi wins both races, Nicky has to finish 2nd in both races to win the championship. If he finishes 3rd in either one, it's over. If Rossi finishes 2nd in both races, Nicky needs a 3rd & a 4th.

Like I said after Laguna, it is Nicky's championship to lose
I want Hayden to win but if he does I almost feel as if he didn't really win it.

I've said before he just doesn't have it. Yah ofcourse he's pro and he's good but I think guys like Rossi and Pedrosa are just another level above him.

Imagine if he was riding that crappy Yami that Rossi was having trouble with all year. There would be no way he would even be near having leading points.

So unless Hayden eats his wheaties before the races and really steps it up Rossi will take it again. The odds are just leaning to much to Rossi.

I feel the only way he will win is if Rossi crashes out both races, but like that is going to happen.
I disagree. I am in NO WAY a Hayden fan (as much as I want a US Champ) but if he wins the Championship then he deserves it! Nobody will dispute that Rossi is at another level, Pedrosa is most likely a Champion to come, but Hayden has been consistent all season. he has not crashed out, he has won two races and podiumed numerous times. To win a race you must finish, to win a Championship you must finish more races and be on the box more than everyone else. Rossi has had a bumm season starting with being taken out in T1 of Race 1.....but that is part of racing.
what a bunch of wankers. Hayden can't hold Rossi's jock, so stop trying to compare the two. Hayden had a very good season & Rossi had a rough year with mechanicals & DNFS....but Rossi is 10X the talent that Hayden will ever be.
1 - 3 of 73 Posts
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