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The Doctor vs. The Kentucky Kid!!!!

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The final stretch is upon us!!! Let's hear more of your predictions and comments! It seems like this section has been the HOT topic of this forum. So let's keep it going! It's gonna be CcCrRrAaAzZzyYy!!!

P.S. I predict Rossi's gonna win it all!!!!

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cling said:
Nicky out paced Rossi pretty badly at Laguna, so much for never :)
Uh yeah...It's the only race on the calender where Hayden is the favorite to win!
sooperman12 said:
Nicky was pretty darn close to Rossi even at Phillip Island where only Gibby separated them after Rossi had that wicked pass in the last corner (but we all know about the yellow flag incident by now). Laguna was another place where Nicky out paced Rossi. There are a number of times where Nicky out-paced Rossi, including another one of Nicky's wins -- Assen (yah, yah, Rossi was injured, but so was Dani and he smoked Nicky for second place in Malaysia was it?) So, what's my take?

I was reading MotoGP and they had some ridiculous scenarios, like what if Nicky finished first? Second? Third? I think that Nicky loses ground in the next race and finishes strong in the last race. I say it's really, really close and Rossi takes it within a handful of points. Unless Honda hands Nicky a gem of a bike and Michelin slips Rossi a couple of faulty tires, I don't see how this pans out for Nicky. The machine he's riding just isn't getting it done for him.

AND... I'm a serious Hayden fan. Just can't stand to watch what I'm seeing. Oh, btw, he didn't burn out. The bike just isn't what it was, for better or worse!
I agree w/ most of your statements. I think some of the scenarious are VERY unlikely. And yes...Nicky has had a GREAT run this year! But it's the Factory RC211V we're talking about. Even "if" it's having problems, it's most likely STILL the best bike out on the grid. I don't believe that Nicky's burnt out! But I still think it's his performance that isn't getting it done. He's said it himself for the past couple of races, yes the bike make have some problems...but he just didn't get it done! Wrong thing to do when Rossi is ready to steal the show, again! (btw...I am terrified of Michelin giving Rossi some faulty slicks and/or his engine konks out on him again!)
Disco said:
ROSSI: Por sure...yes....I am beddy beddy appy wit dee race and I want to give a thank you to Yamaka and Michelin!!! Bwahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!
BigTuna said:
Here is a good analogy that my buddy emailed me last night
Good one Bit T....I agree...

#1...I VERY much doubt that Hayden is going to finish 1st in any of the last 2 races.

#2...I doubt that Hayden will finish right behind Rossi in either race too!

I see at least 1-3 riders finishing inbetween them!!!
I want Hayden to win but if he does I almost feel as if he didn't really win it.

I've said before he just doesn't have it. Yah ofcourse he's pro and he's good but I think guys like Rossi and Pedrosa are just another level above him.

Imagine if he was riding that crappy Yami that Rossi was having trouble with all year. There would be no way he would even be near having leading points.

So unless Hayden eats his wheaties before the races and really steps it up Rossi will take it again. The odds are just leaning to much to Rossi.

I feel the only way he will win is if Rossi crashes out both races but like that is going to happen.
+++++++++1,000,000!!! And we both own the Hayden RX7 Helmet!!! LMAO!
1 - 6 of 73 Posts
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