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This thread is simply to help make your time here easier and more enjoyable. I'll cut to the chase.

Nothing contained within this post shall override the terms of use agreed to when you signed up to the forum, for reference they can be found here:
The rules may change without notice; it is your responsibility to remain cognisant of the current rules at all times.

Rules of;


If links are posted that obtain any nudity or other types of offensive pictures it will be removed and/or you may be banned from posting indefinitely.

2. Watch your language!

No offensive words in the topic title. People might be viewing from work and it wouldn't be very appropriate if your boss was walking by and saw "F**KING BIKE WON'T START!" Use the body of the subject to rant all you want.

3. Have an open mind!

People may not always agree with certain ideas, advice, or of general bike knowledge; while it would be your constitutional right to disagree, if it gets out of hand the topic will be locked.

4. Signature Pictures

Sig pictures should not exceed a size no greater than 500 x 150. If you are caught being the culprit of a big signature picture, you will be asked to modify it. If you fail to comply it will be automatically changed for you. Nudity and or any offensive content in sig pics will be grounds for immediate removal. Animated gifs will be allowed provided the file size is not excessive.

5. Screen Names

No offensive screen names. This is a respectable motorcycle forum not an AOL chat room. Names such as 21INCHCockMan and BigFatWhore will not be tolerated and it will be removed.

6. Membership Accounts

Multiple membership accounts are not allowed. If your current account screen name is not to your liking pm an Administrator your request will be handled.
If for some reason you cannot log in email a Moderator or an Administrator will resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If for some reason you get banned due to not abiding by the rules do not attempt to open another account simply because if u get caught your second account and original account will get banned permanently.


If links, images, slurs, or rants with racist overtones are posted, they will be removed immediately and/or you may be banned from posting indefinitely.


Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to enforce all rules, explicit and implicit, at their own discretion

9. Copyrighted Material:

No links to copyrighted material shall be passed or posted on the board. Such infractions can put the board at legal risk and will be deleted by your Moderators and Admins.

10. Thread contents

The "New Member" thread is not a place to sell/buy parts, ask for trouble shooting tips, or duscuss riding techniques. We have dedicated sub-forums for such things. Please use them appropriately. This is simply a thread to introduce yourself and let others know what you drive. Please post accordingly.

11. New Members forum

To be able to reply to threads other than your own in the New Members forum you will need to have at least 100 posts and 60 days membership. New members can still create and reply to their own threads.

12. Multiple similar posts

Multiple similar posts such as welcome to the site are with no substantial value posted in multiple threads is considered "post whoring." Anyone caught Post Whoring in any Sub-Forum other than the designated "Post Whore Zone" will be subject to a 7 day ban with no warning. This ban will be at the sole discretion of any and all moderators that review each case.

Commercial use and use of the classifieds forums

1. Limitation of liability

A member meets the minimum requirements and that wishes to sell an item may do so in "For Sale/Trade." will not be held responsible or liable in any way for any transaction between members. will in no way be liable for any loss, financial or otherwise, incurred as a result of being unable to use the service or as a result of your participation in a transaction.


This is not a ticket for free advertising. Any group purchases at a discounted price must be approved by a moderator first. If such a topic is posted without the approval of a moderator it will likely be deleted.

3. E-bay links

E-bay links may be posted in the forums, but will not be allowed in the "For Sale" section. You may not post e-bay links to sell an item on the forum, but you can post links to interesting item on e-bay. If a moderator or admin feel you are trying to sell items using e-bay they can and will modify or delete the post in question, and you may be contacted about the issue.

4. Private seller vs Vendor

If you are, or an Admin or Moderator is of the opinion that you are, selling or advertising to make a profit on a commercial basis you will be required to purchase a Vendor membership. is a commercial venture and as such vendor fees are payable by those wishing to use the service to turn a profit. Advertising includes posting to the site in any way a link to a product, service or website. This includes posts in threads, signatures, PMs, visitor messages etc.
No member, irrespective of membership, may send an unsolicited private or visitor message advertising. Such messages will be considered spam and may result in your membership being permanently terminated.

5. Classifieds section post requirements

While these rules may seem overly draconian, they are the result of many members being the victim of unscrupulous sellers over the years. We apologise for it being so difficult but this is what has become necessary to prevent out members being ripped off.

To be able to post a for sale thread you must have 100 posts and have been a member for 60 days.

  1. A picture of the item is required at the time of the posting.
  2. A price must be set at the time of posting. The price must include any fees you may or may not incur as a result of the payment method chosen by you and the buyer; it does not have to include the cost of shipping. It is the buyer's responsibility to request the cost of shipping to their address. In other words, surcharging is not permitted. Giving a guide to the shipping costs is however encouraged.
  3. For all motorcycle sales, a VIN is required.
  4. A sign must be included in picture of item. The sign should have these (3) things; user name, and the date the picture was taken.
  5. When you are selling several items or multiple items, like wheels or anything that goes in sets, pictures must be taken with each individual item by itself showing any damage.
  6. The title for all advertisements is to include a brief item description and it's location (Ex. FS: Akrapovic Slip-on Exhaust for 2005 CBR600RR ($450) - Las Vegas, NV).

All items must be shipped via registered post with the tracking number supplied to the buyer within 48 hours of payment being received unless an arrangement is made prior to payment being sent.

Advertising your items in your signature is allowed, however that advertisement MUST include a link to your for sale thread.

If your post doesn't meet these requirements it will be closed without explanation. It is your responsibility to ensure that it meets the rules.

An exception to one or more of these rules may be made on a case by case basis but this will only be done in extraordinary circumstances, such as being a site sponsor for a number of years. If you can't take a picture of your item because it's at your parents on the other side of the country, you also can't post it within 48 hours of receiving payment so your thread will be locked. The key here is that the circumstance must be extraordinary.

6. Wanted Threads

A wanted thread may be posted by any member, irrespective of how long they have been a member or how many posts they have. All wanted threads are reviewed by a Moderator or Admin before going live and attempting to sell items in the wanted section will likely result in an immediate ban for a minimum of 1 week.

Finally, regarding non-compliance

The onus is on you as a member of the forum to read and comply with the rules and check from time to time as they are subject to change without notice, failure to do so will often result in adverse consequences.
As a general guide, your first indiscretion will normally only result in a warning (particularly if you are new to our community). If the offence is serious enough, you have been around long enough to know better or you are a repeat offender you may be banned anywhere from 24hrs up to permanently.

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1. I can't post. What do I do?

A. If you just joined, you must first post in the New Member sub-forum and introduce yourself.
i. Said forum is for introductions ONLY. No troubleshooting, selling, etc.
ii. Consider the New Member forum a door to keep out spammers.

B. If you're trying to post in the classified section, there are rules there, too
i. You must have more than 100 posts and been a member for 60 days to post in this section.
ii. Any attempt to bypass the 100 post rule (like posting items for sale in other sections, using PMs to sell items, etc.) or blatant violations of the rules listed above may result in a permanent ban.

2. Should I start a new thread?

A. Search
i. You belong to a site with over 200,000 threads. More than likely, your topic has been discussed before.
ii. If not, please start your new thread in the appropriate sub-forum

B. There are many sub-forums. Use them to your advantage.
i. If you are asking about what exhaust sounds best, for example, please, check the Exhaust and Fuel Delivery section.
ii. If you have questions about mods to your '07rr, again, check the right sub-forum (07-08 RR Modifications).

3. General Forum Etiquette

A. Don't, unless absolutely necessary, post in a thread that has not been posted in in 6+ months. We all let the thread in question die, more than likely, for a good reason. No need to bring it back to life.

B. Don't be a troll. If you are here just to stir up some trouble, move along. Failure to leave this forum will not be tolerated.

C. Do not use all caps in your posts. In addition, one exclamation point is enough.

D. Don't hate on others. Be respectful, and remember, if you don't like what someone has to say, there's always the ignore button.

E. Spammers; No need to reply to them (thus, bumping their thread). Just press the "Report Post" button at the bottom left of the post. It looks like a little street sign with an "!" in it. Mods will attend to the post quickly.

All of us here at welcome you to the site, and we hope you enjoy your stay!
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