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BOTM 12/ 07 My Kickstand is up
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these pictures are waaaaaaay overdue ... knock yourselves out !!

BMC race air filter
FACTORY PRO velocity stacks

GALFER smoke stainless steel brake lines front
GALFER smoke stainless steel brake lines rear
GALFER hh compound front pads
GALFER gg compound rear pads

MAD DOCTOR red replica gp tail
MAD DOCTOR fender eliminator
PROBOLT windscreen kit
PROBOLT gas tank kit
PROBOLT fairing kit
CUSTOM white painted windscreen
CUSTOM white painted honda wings middle fairings
CUSTOM white painted lower fairings
CUSTOM red painted preload adjusters
CUSTOM red painted sprocket nuts
CUSTOM red painted brake calipers
CUSTOM red painted fender rear
CUSTOM black painted forks
CUSTOM black painted stator cover
CUSTOM black painted clutch cover
CUSTOM black painted swingarm
CUSTOM black painted subframe
CUSTOM black painted engine bolts
CUSTOM black painted fender eliminator
CUSTOM black painted frame slider bases
CUSTOM black painted vertical shift rod
CUSTOM black mesh fairings
CUSTOM black rubber slider hole lining
CUSTOM black rubber windscreen lining

PROGRIP red/black 724 gel grips
PAZZO red/black short clutch lever
PAZZO red/black short brake lever
INTRINSIC black triple clamp
GPR red pinless steering stabilizer
VORTEX black rearsets

SPEEDOHEALER speedometer calibrator
VORTEX 15t steel sprocket front
VORTEX 45t black aluminum sprocket rear
EK red supersport 520mvx chain

YOSHIMURA rs-5 stainless steel headers / carbon fiber can
THERMOTEC aluminized heat barrier
THERMOTEC black exhaust wrap


BLUE GAUGES red/white gauge cluster
CT LUMINATION red center led
RAZO 55w hid headlights
LP black/clear short stalk v turn signals front
LP black/clear short stalk v turn signals rear
MOTRAX indy signal spacers
KNS brake light switch

REPSOL 10w-50 full synthetic motor oil
GALFER dot 4 brake fluid

VORTEX red frame sliders
VORTEX black swingarm spools

SCORPIO sr-i500 se

RIDESAFER red reflective rim tape
SMILEY red two finger smiley windscreen
WINGS white honda wings gas tank
COW original artwork tail
47 original artwork tail
THINGAMAJIGGS porsche 911 font tail
CONDOM original artwork lower fairing
TROJAN red trademark logo lower fairing
LIFESTYLES red trademark logo lower fairing
KIMONO red trademark logo lower fairing
DUREX red trademark logo lower fairing

OEM solo seat cowl
HAVOCWREAKER fender eliminator
JARDINE fender eliminator
YOSHIMURA rs-5 stainless steel headers / titanium can
CT LUMINATION ultra white center led
LITE N BOLTZ plate lights
VORTEX silver swingarm spools

BLUEGAUGES CREW ... for pimping out my cluster leds
CONDOMS ... for making the bedroom a much safer place
SPEEDWORLD ... for cutting out my attention whore vinyl
MABBOTTUSMC ... for telling me how to get that damn snapped header bolt out
CBRMARC ... for selling to me the ever so rare intrinsic triple clamp at a ridiculous price
YOYOKATA ... for sending me a dollar through paypal so i can buy a mcchicken
FATMIKEY916 ... for my inspiration to go and get into food comas
600RRRIDER ... for never shutting his damn whore posting mouth up
AFWESTPUNK ... for reintroducing the asian girls that i've ignored all my life
BLACKICE ... for taking pictures of the ladies of laguna at better angles
PAMANI ... for introducing new sets of T and A every night
USMCR6 ... for making camel spiders into domestic pets
CBR/LS1 ... for bringing a baby dinosaur into the world
DISCO ... for selling me my first pair of leather pants ( no homo )
GEE ... for telling me how to properly charge the bike battery after i electrocuted myself
BILL S ... for factory paint matching and painting my tail , rear hugger , and lower fairings
NICK D ... for holding onto the swingarm for dear life before it was removed
JEREMY P ... for mailing out my cluster to bluegauges at the expense of his company
JOHN T ... for using his aspca skills to get rid of the cats i accidentally locked in the garage
MY POPS ... for holding up the rear tire while i tried to align every damn thing to the axle
MY MOMS ... for reminding me never to ride faster than my angels could fly
MY BRO ... for explaining to me how to properly prep and paint metal and not my hands
MY SIS ... for letting the kids come over and literally drool all over the gas tank

other than the above mentioned help , all the work done on the bike was made possible by my awesome hands !!

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sweet ride...nice mods.
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