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Thinking about removing eyebrows...

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Not the ones on my face:retard:

I always wanted a straight up red 600rr with minimal stickers. Since the tank and upper fairings are pretty much a no-go, I'm going to take these off in hope that the bike looks a bit more clean. Anyone done it before? Got any pics before I head down stairs?

These ones-
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Do it - I have always thought they looked a little out of place
i think you should just give me that RC51 LoL.
I've been thinking about doing the same to mine. You should pull the stickers off the tail section too...that was one of the first things I did on mine.
It looks like I'm in the minority here but, don't.

IMHO, it makes it look like you jacked up the upper fairing and were too cheap to buy the right replacement part.

The stripes make it look scary, RAWR:
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The stripes make it look scary, RAWR:
Ha, I concur.
i did it on my white 07 and i think it looked cleaner. but i don't think it looks bad either way
i actually think it looks better with them on.
Get em off!!!! I'm toying with the idea of removing all the stickers on my red 2003 an going for the clean look after seeing a few on ghat red bike thread. But I don't think I've got the bottle haha

lets get some more pics of removed eyebrows for the fronts! Make me a believer
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