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Third headlight won’t come on

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I’m having a problem with my third headlight or eye light. I changed the bulb to a led about 2 months ago and it worked ever since today now it won’t come on. The low beam and high beam work just the third headlight won’t come on. Any ideas?
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The pilot light is completely separate from the headlights. It will be on its own circuit.

Unplug it (should be on the right side clipped to headlight shell, at least on 08+) and see if you're getting 12v at the plug, that would tell you if it's the light or the connection, which it almost certainly is.

If you're not getting 12v at the plug with the bike turned on something further up is no longer connected (or a fuse is blown).
I changed my position light over to LED several years ago without any issues. Are you sure the LED didn't go out? Try putting the old OEM bulb back in for now.

Have you checked the 2 PIN connector for power and ground continuity?
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