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Finally got around to getting some pictures of this bad boy. It's about 2 months away from CO.

Lets start off with the fish tank/bar I promised pictures of a month ago.

That stairway will have the metal and wood removed and it will be 1' thick glass.

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^wine cellar.

Now, inside the garage. Remember those windows in the swimming pool?

Lastly, the most epic thing in the house.

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Note: My mom is the person in charge of building this thing. It's green certified, makes most of it's own power, will have a bunch of water walls (water fall ontop of a glass wall) in the kitchen and various places of the house, lots of water stuff, and goodies. Two elivators, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember.

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that is impressive....

beautiful view as well.......being state of the art in eco-friendly terms, does it have any new and improved hurricane/storm features?

and that aquarium is incredible
All of the hurricane features are of updated code, but they're still old. The only thing that's really new about the house is it's built from pre-form concrete. This is only a years worth of construction from the time of breaking ground. I believe everything is certified to withstand a CAT 5. I've been in a similar house on the beach in a CAT 4 because it was safer then my house. Hurricane parties are the ****.

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can you get more pics of the pool? I build pools and am interested in some of the features of it.....
I'll see if I can get some more. The pool is connected to the stuff that's in the back of the house.

12' swimming pool (against code). It connects to a floating island, which is that little square thing next to the pool. It will be a water covered pathway. That leads to the inside of the house where there will be a water garden and the water wall on the outside of the back of the house. That leads into a little wading pool/water garden.

In the front, the pool connects to a fire spa gaccuzi (natural gas fire pit in the center of the spa). That connects to the main water garden, which is the rock walls on the outside. Bunch of water falls and crap with that. Goes under a bridge and connects to the lazy river water garden down at the front of the house.

When's the house warming party :all_cohol
February. I gotta ******* dress up for it. :(

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Here is a mansion of a friend of mine in brazil. They are billionaires and they also own a this huge farm. Here are a few of the pictures I have. No pictures of their house.

Their plane and the private kart track my dad built for them.

If anyone is familiar with formula 1 that is Felipe Massa in the last picture.

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