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Hey Folks,

What are your thoughts on an MRI/SFV Bike Meet on a regular basis?

We have a big enough and very secure parking lot.

I was thinking of Saturday afternoons (since football is on Sundays).

What about frequency, etc?

What about time?

Another day?

Give me some input and we can get a Bike Meet going in the SF Valley at our shop. The nearest one now is in Hollywood at nights at the moment... which can be kinda far for a lot of people... and some newer riders dont like riding the LA freeways at night on a weekday anyway.

Give me some input so that we can get this rolling.

Cheers... Nick - MRI

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get a bikini bikewash going too, and i'm there.

and no, it's not enough just to have you mo's from ridersinc wearing bikinis. i'm thinking more along the lines of womenfolk, please.
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