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Your days with Take it 2 The Track are always full of action, both on and off the track. We have seen you in the past using all your consumer electronics and gizmos to capture that action. Now it's time to give those fancy-schmancy cameras a purpose, and enter our Ti2TT Video Contest! We've revamped the team, with a lot of the same great support, a new direction, and a little bit of fresh attitude. Why not bring your camera out and capture some of the adventure? Shots while on the bike, as well as the fun and camaraderie in the pits are encouraged. Heck, even mix in some stills if you've got a beautiful bike, or an exceptionally ugly one (Frankenbike?). When you're done, cut and edit your video together with whatever soundtrack won't get you booted off the interwebs. Then upload it to our Facebook page (Link can be found below) to enter our promo-video contest for the chance to win your next Ti2TT day on us! We encourage creativity in editing and storytelling, as well as comments on each other’s videos (constructively of course), but your video must include our logo blasted in there somewhere, and of course, NOT include competing org's logos. We've got a lot of love, but this is our trackday we're giving away. Plus, we get that you might want to use footage captured during someone else's day. That's cool. Just make sure that we can't tell. (we're pretty sharp, so you'd better be sneaky!)

Since we've only got two more weekends this year, the first of which is THIS WEEKEND (with spots still available), the contest will conclude at the turn of the year, giving you time to complete your projects after the next trackday. The free trackday will be announced on our Facebook page New Years Eve, ringing in a warm and happy 2012, a season full of promise and at this point, mystery.

I know a few of you have existing videos that you could toss on there, and we HIGHLY encourage that. Multiple entries are allowed, if you're the prolific-video-editing type. And for musical reference, the owners of Ti2TT like underground hip-hop, punk, and glitch, just in case you were trying to butter us up....

Let the contest begin!!!!

Best Regards,
Take it 2 The Track

Facebook Videos Upload Page (
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