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rkiser said:
Another little question. Are the Pilot Race Soft compound okay? I found a super deal on a set and if I could get them and put them on just for track days and put my powers back on for the street would that be okay? I hate to take my powers off since they have so much more street life left in them, although, I want some nice new tires for the track. many trackdays can I get out of a set of Soft Pilot Races?
First of all, seriously the #1 thing to remember if you ride the track:
NEVER! GET CHEAP WHEN IT COMES TO TIRES! They are the cheapest and best form of insurance you can ever get and thats no lie.

And now to your question:
S2 Front and Rear Pilot Race are great track day tires, especially on the VIR track surface. If you can get them cheaper than a set of Pilot powers then def buy them. If your doing high 20's on south then you dont really NEED them, but they wont hurt thats for sure. Im sure your Pilot Powers are slipping because you have def heat-cycled them out after 3,000 miles, and if thats the case you should replace the front tire regardless if it "looks" like it has a few more days left in it, you'd rather do that then find out the hard way and crash as stated above; Insurance :)

Hope that helps.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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