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I just got my penske 8981 installed and took the bike for a quick test ride around the block. I hope I put this thing in properly, I can't really see any way to do it incorrectly and it all still bolt up. The tires were cold, and it's a little cool outside (60), but when I made a couple of easy right turns going around the block the back tire was stepping out on me, and it just didn't feel right, almost like I had a flat tire or the wheel was loose. Is there that much feeling with this shock? Is it that much more sensitive than stock? Or is it so much stiffer that it's not giving as much and causing to rear to bounce over small bumps?

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Birthday present????

Dale(from springfield) put one on his bike a few weeks back,has he said anything about his doing this?

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definately sounds like you need to adjust the settings.

Start by making sure the sag is set correctly, adjust the preload as necessary.

After that...this should help you troubleshoot...although I definately suggest just spending 40 bucks or so to get it professionally tuned


- Wheel tends to hop in turns with small bumps

- Wheel skips too much when braking on rippled pavement. Does not develop good braking power

- Poor rear traction when accelerating over small bumps or rippled pavement

Shock may 'Pack Down' - Too much damping keeps the wheel from extending enough before the next

- Suspension Gets harsh over medium or large rolling-type bumps at speed

- The first few don't feel bad, but after that the suspension gets harsh and starts jumping around

- Rear and can Pack In under acceleration, causing the bike to run wide under power

- Rear "Swims" under hard braking


- Bike wallows when exiting corners or in long rolling dips in sweepers

- Bike feels soft or vague

- Rear pogo or chatter on corner exits, general loss of traction, and tire overheating

Rear Compression


- Suspension seems rigid, instead of absorbing

- Suspension is harsh over small bumps

- Wheel skips when braking hard on rippled surfaces

- Very little squat - Loss of traction/sliding

- Tire overheating

- Suspension is harsh over pavement changes

- Shock stays too rigid and doesn't use enough travel to absorb bumps

- Shock rarely or never seems to bottom out – Even on the biggest bumps

- Bike Kicks on large bumps


- Shock bottoms out on Medium-sized bumps

- Rear squats under acceleration

- Bike doesn't want to turn upon corner entry

- Excessive Squat under power – UNDERSTEER
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