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After how many miles do u have to change your tires and what kind of tires would you sujest.
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it all depends on how you ride? how often you ride? and if you just ride straight?
put all that into factor and go from there...

so for me.. I ride pretty hard on the street (70%) of the time and the other is just taking in the scenery and nice and easy... I ride from April to November and put on about 8000KM a year... and straight (no way... toooooo boring) I try to hit some twistes as often as I could... have to wear down the sides thats what they are meant to be riden... so after all this I change my tires every season or at most a season and a half.

the tires I would choose in order are...
1. Michelin Pilots
2. Pirelle D/C
3. Metz 1 or 3
4. Bridgestone BT015
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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